Day 3 of 30-day challenge

Today was a little easier. I promised myself I would embrace the moment more, and I did. I was more aware of my surroundings which led to more photos and a much more aware version of myself.

I uploaded two today because I couldn’t decide which one to share, so I shared both. Which one do you like more?

My view of Charlestown Shipyard.


View of fountain about 100 paces from where I work.

Day 2 of 30-day challenge

Day two isn’t as meaningful as day one, but it is not meaningless.

My brother Nathan has had this plant for over two years. He rarely takes care of it which is something I think I could do. Maybe I’ll get a cactus.

On another note, my friend took a pretty sweet photo of his view in the rain today. Maybe I should also embrace the moment and work on capturing it in my next photo.