30 day challenge – day one

Well, I’ve accepted Matt Cutts’ personalized challenge on Twitter and have decided to do one photo every day. I feel compelled to include a disclaimer here – I’m not very creative as I’ve always the analytical type, but maybe this will help me to find my creative side.

Today is day one and the photo below is simple. These are my doors to opportunity. Most will see these as regular doors, but I know what lies behind them is much more powerful than that. I walk in them about 22 days a month and what lies beyond them is my future.


Try something new for 30 days

Last night I spent an hour watching TED talks. This is not totally uncommon for me as I find them enlightening  and they put me in a Program captivated hypnotic trance.  wholesale jerseys However, one of them caught my attention and enticed me into action. It was more lighthearted than the others and less than six minutes long, but touched upon a topic that I love – goal setting.

Matt Cutts discussed the idea of introducing something new in your life and trying it for just 30 days. He says “these next 30 days are going to come whether you want them to or not, why not try something new?” He also said that “30 days is just enough time to form a new habit or subtract a bad one” and what he Wentworth did and his time became much more memorable. Plus, his self-confidence grew. Where do I sign up, Matt?

So now, I’m looking for suggestions ??t on what I can an do for 30 days starting in August. I love reading, but already do a lot of that, should I up the amount of reading I do? Should I follow in Matt’s steps and take cheap nfl jerseys one The photo a day? Should I spend a half hour or an hour a day learning Earthfest a new language or should I dedicate some time to a new instrument like the recorder (joking) or guitar?  Maybe, I should spend some time working on my writing skills.

I’d love suggestions based on things that you love to do i and think others could gain from. So if you have ideas, please cheap jerseys post them below.

My favorite volunteer project of the year: Earthfest

Almost every year Sarah for the past eight years, I’ve volunteered for Radio 92.9’s Earthfest. This is by far my favorite volunteer project because of the following:

Earthfest 2011
Earthfest 2011

A. It’s such a great way to celebrate the earth
B. The bands are killer talent and I love live music
C. The people are unbelievably nice
D. The ambiance at the event  is unparalleled.

This year, like every year I’ve volunteered, Whole Foods sponsored the event. Could there be a better sponsor wholesale nba jerseys than Whole Foods? No, not only are they the ideal sponsor because of their company’s mission, but they’re wildly generous. They find tons of volunteers to work booths, pick up trash, direct the masses (that’s just a few duties), but they’re really fabulous because their tent has so such sweet swag. Swag always includes food, environmentally friendly goodies like backpacks, hand-sanitizer, coupons and tons more.

Beyond Whole Foods and their stellar particpation, every organization there is working to im make our Mother Earth more sustainable and clean. Zipcar, MassBike, AppleGate and Stonyfield were just a few of the vendors in attendance. If you haven’t made it to Earthfest before, then I highly encourage you make time to celebrate the earth with good music, good energy and free goodies with some friends and family.

Killer bands this 3D year included the following – in their respective performance order:
1. GroundUp – the Battle of the Bands cheap nba jerseys winner this year.
2. AtomicTom – Down-to-earth and talented band
3. Sponge
4. OkGo – Famous hits like “Get over it” and award-winning, viral treadmill music video “Here it comes”
5. Ed Kowalczky- Lead singer of uber famous band, Live.

Learn more about the event The by reading tweets by Earthfest attendees. Oh, and #earthfest was even trending in Boston during the wholesale nfl jerseys event.

 Huge congratulations and thank you goes out to Radio92.9, Whole Foods, the vendors, Mother Nature for producing the beautiful sunny day and all of the volunteers to made this Шаленкина event a success.