30-Day Earth Challenge

How fast do these things biodegrade if left in the environment?

Vegetables? 5 days – 1 month
Paper? 2–5 months
Orange peels? 6 months
Tin cans? 50–100 years
Styrofoam cups? 500 years to forever
Plastic bags? 500 years to forever

500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever 500 years to forever

When I stop for a moment and think about how much plastic I use regularly because of laziness and inconvenience, I don’t know about you, but I experience deep shame.

About five years ago, I first learned about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch from a friend and colleague, Lindsay Thibeault.

I’d never heard of it before.

If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a garbage patch full of plastics and trash in the North Pacific Ocean. It’s said to be TWICE the size of Texas. The patch is also believed to have increased “10-fold each decade” since 1945, and it’s estimated that by 2050, there could be as much plastic, as there are fish, in the ocean.

I remember thinking, holy cow, how have I never heard of this before? How could I be so careless (I was using AT LEAST 2 new plastic cups at work every day)? How could it be possible to deny the impact humans have on the planet when we look around? And worse of all, how could I stand by and do nothing?

To say plastic pollution is a widespread problem is not doing it justice:

We have done small things in our house here and there to try and make a difference: go veggie, remove plastic straws, remove plastic storage containers, stop buying from Amazon, always run full loads of laundry, buy less things/clothes, educate ourselves — BUT there’s more we can be doing.

That’s why I’m dedicating this month’s 30-Day Challenge to Mother Earth.

It’s so fitting, too, considering April 22 is Earth Day!

I put together this 30-day challenge for any of those who want to participate. If you can’t do it all, that’s okay; even doing just a few of the items will make a difference!

Here’s the 30-Day Earth Challenge:

It’s also linked here.

These next 30-days are coming whether we want them to or not, why not do something wonderful for the earth. Who’s with me?

Marketing to HR: The Best Newsletters, Content Syndications, Slack Communities and Podcasts to Fuel Your Marketing

If you’re new to HR marketing/sales, then you know there’s a lot to learn. This is especially true for the majority of us who weren’t in HR or people Operations before.

An excellent way to learn about the function is to immerse yourself in their world. One way I made the transition from marketing to marketers at HubSpot to marketing to HR was to sign up for the most popular content that people operations professionals are learning from. This not only gives you insight into what’s going for them, but it keeps you abreast of the most essential HR news, trends, topics, data, and more. These insights fuel your marketing, your messaging, your positioning, your content, your conversations — everything you do.

Below is a list of suggested content that I encourage every new team member at Compt to sign up for/subscribe to when joining our team.

NOTE: This list is by no means comprehensive, but if you see something I should add, send me a message on Twitter (@sbedrick). And if you’d like to join the People Ops marketers slack I created filled with folks from Lola, Employee Cycle, Robin, LearnLux, Humanyze and more — ping me on Twitter.

HR/POPs Newsletters:

Content syndications:

HR Slack communities:

HR Podcasts:

Company, people, and personal growth: me on the Wayfinding Growth podcast

Recently, I had the pleasure to join Remington Begg and Dan Moyle of Impulse Creative on their brilliant podcast, Wayfinding Growth.

If you’re not familiar with the format, they interview authors like Chris Lochhead author of Play Bigger and founders Wistia’s Chris Savage, Tettra’s Nelson Joyce and me about our growth stories.

The theme is a captain at sea, and some of the usual theme-based questions you can expect are:

  • Charting the Course – How did you get here?
  • What’s one of your biggest shipwrecks? – What did you learn from that?
  • Navigational Tools- What did you use or what do you wish you had for this journey?
  • If you could be the Wayfinder for someone, what would your first piece of advice be?
  • ETC.

As you can see, brilliant.

Fun, interesting, and authentic is how I’d describe their podcast interviews, which is why I was so honored to join.

We traversed a lot of topics in our time. More specifically, we talked about:

  • How the world of HR today is just like how the marketing world was in 2010/2011.
  • Marketing an innovative, and brand new product like Compt.
  • Getting unstuck and staying positive.
  • How the current world of perks is changing, and to help your employees reach their full potential you have to think BIG.

Give it a listen: https://wayfindinggrowth.com/218

Or watch the YouTube video below: