Three powerful videos for mental breakthroughs (& are all under 6 minutes)

Some of the best mental breakthroughs I’ve had in my life have come from the shortest videos I’ve found on YouTube.

Below are three videos which have had a profound impact on my life:

Try something new for 30 days – Matt Cutts
Time: 3 minutes 27 seconds

After watching this inspirational video, I was craving for the next month to begin so I could start my 30-day challenge journey. My first challenge was one which Matt Cutts recommended – the photo challenge. It was to take one photo a day for 30 days. Many of them I posted to my blog (yup, the one you’re reading now) with their location, my take, and why it was important to me at the moment that day. While it was pretty easy as far as 30-day challenges go, I began to feel myself growing.

At the end of the 30-days, I developed more awareness of the world around me, I found a passion for art, and I even found more confidence in myself. The life I now live, five years after first watching this video, is paramount to what it would be without the video. I’ve done the photo challenge, three Whole-30 challenges, a vegetarian challenge (turns out it doesn’t work for me), a new recipe challenge, a fitness challenge (I have now worked out basically 5 days a week for the past 4 years), and so much more.

This video not only led me to try a lot of new things in life that I wouldn’t have considered otherwise, but I also started a blog series around them, talked about the topic at many Toastmasters speeches, and even got to experience the fruits of my labors in different ways than I knew possible. For example, completing the fitness challenge led me to climb Mount Washington with several friends and train for a half marathon – two things which I never even considered with my realm of possibility beforehand.


How to start a movement – Derek Sivers 
Time: 5 minutes 41 seconds.

I loved this video so much. Not only is Derek informative, but his clever use of supporting video footage was exceptional.

This video inspired me to cultivate my own thoughts on the topic, found here, “The Unspoken Power of a Great Follower.”

Responding To Stress – Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski
Time: 1 minute and 30 seconds

If you’re alive, you’ve encountered stress. I found what matters most to me is understanding what stress looks like, how to deal with it, and the best yet -how to thrive from it. This short video delivers a huge punch when it comes to better understanding how your brain works under stress.

Top 100 Customer Success Influencers


Thanks to companies like Gainsight and Mindtouch, and people like Lincoln Murphy, Brian Solis, and Bill Cushard – more people than ever finally beginning to give the customer success teams the regard it deserves.

Customer success is a critical component to any business, but until somewhat recently it’s been considered “fluffy” and even difficult to understand or quantify. However, with the emergence of the SaaS, people are now able to comprehend the impact of churn/retention on business.

Look it up on Wikipedia, and you’ll see that “Customer Success” is defined as: “Customer Success is the function at a company responsible for managing the relationship between a vendor and its customers.”

However, anybody who is in customer success understands that definition is technically correct from a business perspective, but it’s not the full picture. Customer success is made up of a lot more than that.

Customer success is a combination of many variables, of many weights including hard metrics like product adoption/usage, LTV,  MRR, upgrades as well as some more soft metrics like experience, happiness, education. When I say education, I mean comprehension and knowledge of the industry, topics and software/service you provide. For HubSpot, it’s a person’s understanding of marketing, inbound marketing as a philosophy and approach, and the software. For HubSpot, it’s also this same education applied to the sales world as we’re now a full-stack, growth stack software.

It’s an exciting time to be in customer success because it’s still being defined. A new graphic Brian Solis shared in an email in which the subject line was “Customer Experience is the New Marketing and Customer Experiences are the New Brand”. In the email he included three graphics with this one being the final one, and the last line of the email said, “Experiences become memories…good or bad.” I consider that a fine example of a healthy mic drop.


The graphic above illustrates that there are other considerations a person should think about when helping a customer to success.

I write this today because I’m excited to share a huge honor – I was selected by Mindtouch to be one of the top 100 customer success influencers.

The list of folks is incredible, and I’m honored to be on this list with the likes of Tom Tunguz, Bill Cushard, David Skok, Ari Hoffman, April Underwood, David Cancel, Sam Brennand, and Sarah E. Brown.

Want to see all 100? You can download the list here.




Australia Day Printable Decorations

On Saturday, 26th, Ken and I had our inaugural Australia Day Party.

And. it. was. great.

Ken made pavlovas, lamingtons, ANZAC biscuits, meat pies (no vegemite and half the sauce the recipe called for), and more. We bought Tim Tams from our local Target and Crunchies and Picnics at Amazon for a ridiculously overpriced amount.

You can just click the PDF below to download it and print it out. If you want me to make one specifically for you let me know by filling out this form and I’ll give it a whirl.


Happy Australia Day!


Ken & Sarah