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You’re here for a reason, and I know I can help. Are you looking for support in navigating through the obstacles and roadblocks you’re experiencing so that you can experience all of the wonderful juiciness of a fulfilling life? I got you.

Why me?

Well, my decade+ in tech has been wonderful, but it hasn’t exactly been without its challenges. I’ve been high and I’ve been oh-so-low.

Ten years ago I founded HubSpot’s Academy team with two others and built it from an idea to a respected division that changed the company and thousands of lives forever. I left my comfort zone to start my own blossoming HR software company focused on helping people get more of what they want out of life.

And I’ve also experienced what it’s like to let my mind run wild (good thoughts and bad), accidentally create unhealthy patterns of self-sabotage, experience significant setbacks, AND I’ve overcome it all.

THIS is the experience I draw from.

For the longest time, I’ve read every personal growth and self-help book I could find. I read books, blogs, listened to podcasts, and I sought the help of a therapist to help me work through my “issues.” I couldn’t quite figure them out. You might feel the same right now.

But, three years ago I was finally introduced to my first coach. That’s when everything changed for me. Since then, I’ve worked with coaches (career, executive, life), and now my life is better than I previously could have imagined. Coaching is an investment in yourself and it requires honesty, courage, and practice, and is 100% WORTH IT!

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What my clients are saying

When I came to Sarah I was completely lost. I was unable to see value in myself and lost calibration of my personal compass. After two coaching sessions with Sarah, we were able to diagnose what was making me feel this way recalibrating my personal drivers of energy and how they relate to the contribution I wanted to make to the world.

As a result, I was able to get my dream job that would help me develop the skills I need to accomplish my short and long-term goals in my life.

None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for my time refelting with Sarah. She is a phenomenal coach.


Sarah’s Future Self workshop helped me to see beyond the busyness of daily life and visualize what truly matters to me and who I want to become.

Ryan Carters

Coaching sessions with Sarah is like playing Escape the Room for your emotional subconscious. She leads you along your journey with clues and prompts to challenge you mentally while helping to unlock moments of gratitude and build confidence towards the future.

She has this magic ability to tap into your hurdles at every step and guide you along with thoughtful prompts and encouragement.

She’s the sherpa you want to bring on your journey of life, to help navigate all types of situations, in good times or in the most challenging of circumstances, she’s your most trusted confidant.


And check out this article a client wrote about his experience.

I believe so deeply in the power of coaching that

I began Thrive Coaching. Thrive is a collective of coaches dedicated to making the power of coaching accessible to everyone.

We believe the days where only c-suite executives can afford and experience coaching are gone. We create workshops, classes, courses, and coach clients 1:1 to help them achieve breakthroughs that will transform their life and unleash their full power. A greater you awaits, learn more about Thrive Coaching.