Academy/University Advisor, Marketing Consultant for Startups, & Personal Coach

Hi there 👋 , I’m Sarah.

I’ve found my way to some amazing work, pursuing big, new, novel ideas, with the benefit of great people, teams and support, and have done so with success. 

  • I built HubSpot’s first Academy when Academy’s weren’t a thing.
  • I built HubSpot’s first LMS, when LMS’ weren’t a thing. 
  • I built Compt way before “The Great Resignation” when people were just starting to realize the importance of treating employees well (employee benefits as a differentiator).
  • I launched my coaching and consulting career to bring those novel experiences to more companies and organizations.

It’s now my mission to help people live their best lives. I do that by supporting others in acquiring knowledge, gaining greater work/life/self awareness, and feeling deeply connected to themselves and their purpose.

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