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Hi there 👋 , I’m Sarah.

I’m a marketing advisor to HR software solutions, life coach for fellow people in tech, and former VP of Marketing & SaaS software founder.

My 13 years of experience is far-reaching and includes cofounding an HR software company while leading the marketing function, and prior to that founding & growing HubSpot’s Academy team.

I’ve led several key initiatives including:

  • Growing Compt’s marketing function from scratch with negligible budget to generate 150+ high-quality, sales-ready leads/quarter.
  • Creating pitches that led to angel & seed round funding, as well as won several high-profile competitions.
  • Led thought leadership for Compt where I wrote several content pieces of content which amassed over a quarter-million views.
  • Taking over HubSpot’s certification program and growing the number of certifications awarded 10x from 8,000 to 80,000 within in 2.5 years.

My core competencies include: doing HR marketing activities that generate immediate results that last for the long-term, analyzing marketing data & determining short/mid/long-term focus, and leading high-performing teams to success.

Here’s how I spent my time:

  • Take on a small number of advising & fractional CMO roles at HR software companies.
  • Coach fellow leaders in tech through Thrive Coaching, and make introductions to clients & coaches.
  • Bike, walk, beach, and all the other outdoor activities I can do now that I’m a new resident to Florida.

My writing & thoughts are featured in:

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