My Packages

The services I offer and how they can help you get everything you want in life, and then more.

1:1 coaching

I’ve coached women in various stages of their career and life journey. Whatever you’re facing, I’ve probably worked with someone who has had something similar, overcome it, and are now achieving more than they originally thought possible.  

Whether you want to break through imposter syndrome, stop playing small, or create a juicy vision for your life, I’m game. 

First though, let’s chat for 30-minutes to see if we’re a good fit for one another. 

Schedule a 30-minute chemistry call here.

sOS Coaching (One-Time)

Need help, like right now? 

Schedule a 90-minute coaching session with the goal to get resolution on whatever is holding you back so you can move forward at full speed.

Schedule & pay for your 90-minute session here.


Women GAIN (Going All IN) Life Accelerator

Join a community of successful career women who want to achieve equal success and satisfaction in their marriages/relationships, friendships, community, parenting, physical health, mental health, and more. We help women win and feel balanced and fulfilled in all areas of their life.

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