Try something new for 30 days

Last night I spent an hour watching TED talks. This is not totally uncommon for me as I find them enlightening  and they put me in a Program captivated hypnotic trance.  wholesale jerseys However, one of them caught my attention and enticed me into action. It was more lighthearted than the others and less than six minutes long, but touched upon a topic that I love Рgoal setting.

Matt Cutts discussed the idea of introducing something new in your life and trying it for just 30 days. He says “these next 30 days are going to come whether you want them to or not, why not try something new?” He also said that “30 days is just enough time to form a new habit or subtract a bad one” and what he Wentworth did and his time became much more memorable. Plus, his self-confidence grew. Where do I sign up, Matt?

So now, I’m looking for suggestions ??t on what I can an do for 30 days starting in August. I love reading, but already do a lot of that, should I up the amount of reading I do? Should I follow in Matt’s steps and take cheap nfl jerseys one The photo a day? Should I spend a half hour or an hour a day learning Earthfest a new language or should I dedicate some time to a new instrument like the recorder (joking) or guitar?¬† Maybe, I should spend some time working on my writing skills.

I’d love suggestions based on things that you love to do i and think others could gain from. So if you have ideas, please cheap jerseys post them below.

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