Google has recently released another crowd-pleasing seasonal Easter Egg. Complete a Google search for a keyword phrase “Let it snow” and you’ll notice the Easter egg immediately. Snow begins to fall from the top of the screen and if left alone – it covers the entire Google search results page. After it’s fully frosted, you can left-click your mouse and wipe/erase away the snow. You can also select the ‘defrost” button found where the usual Google magnifying class is placed and completely clear the frosted results page.

Let it Snow Google Easter Egg

What is an Easter egg again?

An Easter egg is essentially a hidden message or inside joke and are found in all types of media such as video games, movies,  Google’s search queries, etc. The term “Easter egg” was said to originate from an Easter egg hunt since you have to hunt for them and are usually hidden.

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think. What is your favorite Google Easter egg?

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