Trying to get to the coveted top-position in a Google search is something in which many marketers and business owners are guilty of obsessing over. And rightfully so, because traditionally the higher you were in a SERP – the more traffic you would command. However, ranking is simply not enough nowadays.

What is most important is whether or not that rank in a SERP translates into website traffic.

The top spots, while still effective, are regularly out-clicked by their lower rank counter-parts simply because the lower results are more optimized. More optimized for the reader means it speaks to them, more.  And there a few ways to optimize your SERP – we usually think of the following:

  1. Relevant keywords
  2. Compelling title
  3. Insightful & relevant meta descriptions.
However, new improvements to SERPs – like Google Authorship – are available. Google Authorship is one simple way to usurp more click-throughs for your top ranking traffic.
So, what exactly is Google Authorship? It’s a way to make your content feel more personal – by including a link to your Google+ image next to the content you’ve written. Here is an example of what it looks like:
Notice the photo.
Including the image gives a human-element to otherwise lackluster content which lends you more trust – ultimately leading to more click-throughs (aka visits).

Follow these steps to sign up for Google Rel-Authorship:

  1. Sign-up for Google+ (if you haven’t already).
  2. Complete your profile and be sure to include a recognizable head-shot. Also, make sure the email address for the profile matches the author’s email and name.
  3. Use the following link to connect your website to your profile:
  4. Also make sure that your byline name matches the name on your Google+ profile.
  5. Lastly, wait for the content to be indexed check out the results. This can take up to a week or longer.

Turn those ranking pages into actual visitors, and improve your bottom line.

Have you signed up for Google Authorship yet? Have you noticed an increase in your visitors, too? Let us know by commenting in the box down below.

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