As many of you know, I’ve been a proud employee of HubSpot for over five years. Almost exactly two years ago, I took over the coveted role of Certifications Program Leader (thanks, RG4). It’s been a wild ride developing

It’s been a wild and satisfying ride developing trainings that help to educate our customers on inbound best practices and applying them using the tool.

One of the interesting trends I noticed upon taking over the program was that while our certifications were developed to help our customers and they were doing just that, a few of them (the ones which are free and open to the public) were also helping the entire world. Most of the people taking our Inbound Certification were taking our classes, learning about the fundamental shift in business and applying it to their own businesses and marketing efforts to see results. Because of this, we wanted to double-down and help more of the world.

Below, find the four new certification courses that we developed this year.

Email Marketing Certification

Inbound Sales Certification

Growth-Driven Design Certification

Content Marketing Certification (Pre-Registration)

Is there a topic that you’d love to see us develop in the future? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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