The best gift to give yourself as a presenter is to understand the reason WHY you’re speaking to others.

Recently Marcus Sheridan, also known as The Sales Lion, shared his “why” on his podcast, and trust me – it’s powerful. He also talked his preferred communication medium – presentations – as a way to help others achieve the success that he saw when starting inbound marketing journey.

He, and the best communicator speakers, do not accept speaking jobs simply because they were asked, or because they were offered money or because they can.

The best speakers do it to make a difference in the audiences’ life. That is the difference between the okay speakers, the good speakers and the great ones. They have the right intentions.

– Okay speakers are there for the wrong intentions. Examples include money, fame, something to do, etc.

– The good speakers have the right intentions but need purposeful practice and guidance to get better.

– And the great, exceptional speakers have the right intentions and the right skills. They have worked hard – think countless hours refining this skill with blood, sweat and tears – to be a better communicator to the audience who wants to learn and grow.

Which one are you?

Want to listen to Marcus Sheridan’s podcast? “Dang” right you do! You can listen in here: You won’t regret it, I can almost promise.

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